Mt Fear

Tomislav Brdjanović:

It’s short and good.

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“A man who is sitting at the top of the mountain didn’t fall there from the sky.”
– Author Unknown

Synopsis: Jeko Simeonov has been a bunjee jumping and climbing instructor for more than a decade. He is scared of heights and has to overcome his fear every time he jumps or climbs. This is an inspiring story about the person who managed to transform his fear into his strength.

Credits: Directed, Shot, Edited and Produced by Sergey Zhelezko photo.php
Music by Raman Ksaitor
Special Thanks to Jeko Simeonov

This short documentary was made as part of the Documentary Filmmaking class taught by Melody Gilbert at the American University in Bulgaria in Fall 2014.

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Top 5: montage

Tomislav Brdjanović:

Good examples of editing.

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This two-minute trailer released by the BBC (and produced in-house) is a terrific example of montage and voice-over. Widely praised for it’s use of the rich and mellow voice of Benedict Cumberbatch, the creative inspiration for me is the super-slick editing of scenes from BBC blockbusters. The ‘Seven ages of Man’ monologue features seamless edits from  “Call the Midwife,” “Doctor Who,” “Luther” and (of course) “Sherlock,” as well as BBC adaptations of Mantel’s “Wolf Hall” and J.K. Rowling’s “The Casual Vacancy.”

Having used this as a clip to inspire students when doing presentations (“slow down and let the images do the talking”), here is a further inspirational group of montage sequences.

1. Rocky: training montage and Battleship Potemkin: Odessa steps montage

2. American Beauty: life flashes before your eyes montage

3. Watchmen: times they are a-changin’ montage

4. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: art gallery montage

5. Rocky 4: Hearts on Fire training…

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